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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Media responds to Mills outburst

Be careful, be very careful, if you decide to have a go at the British press. Most of them are vipers living in a warm nest ready to pounce. Heather Mills/McCartney let it all out on GMTV and she gets a load of bile in return. I'm not necessarily interested in the divorce of the century, as the media hacks delight in saying. They make the rules, they instill the discipline or punishment if we break them.

The rather priggish Amanda Platell, an Aussie import now imparting her morality messages in the Daily Mail, came out like a puff adder! She burbled, "No-one who watched her yesterday can now be in any doubt about the extent of her self-delusion." Nice stuff, eh!

All I'd say is let Kate McCann, who never wanted publicity in the first place, hide from these vampires!


Dear Arden Forester,
You might be interested in the features on this site, www.yoosk.co.uk In particular, the upcoming interview with leading media figures on the McCann coverage.

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