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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Jeremy Beadle dies at 59

Jeremy Beadle has died at the relatively young age of 59. He was apparently suffering from pneumonia. He was a fixture of the TV screens in the UK during the 80's and 90's and made his entry into the TV world with "Game for a Laugh". I never really took to that, but I found some of his Beadle's About shows hysterical.

One show he did I thought was the best. This young man was set up by a friend (the usual method!) to be given the Saturday morning of his life. He was put in a temporary job in a bed showroom. This was one of those places with literally hundreds of beds all jammed together across a wide floor space. The manager suddenly tells him he must get to the bank before it closes, leaving the hapless boy on his own. As soon as the manager has departed (voice over by Beadle, encouraging the audience) a very large man, a very large woman, and their exceedingly large daughter Dainty, walk into the store. This is the Golightly family. The boy mutters expletives under his breath as the trio waddle towards him. Mr Golightly wants to buy a bed for his daughter. They insist on trying them out. Of course, the beds bust and the place becomes a wreck in no time. All the while the poor boy is beside himself. When the manager returns and remonstrates with him, he's almost cracking. Then Beadle pops up and great relief all round. It was a great prank.

Can't find that one, but the "Husband's Nude Modelling" sketch is just as good!

And just looking found this other scene, the "Golightly's Go Skiing" (a bit grainy!) which gives a flavour.


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