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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Ron Paul surge in Nevada poll!

As I write this piece Ron Paul is likely to take second place in the Nevada Republican caucus of today. Being 7 hours behind, they are still caucusing! But what would a second mean to the race. It would put Ron Paul into the chattering classes mouths and they would have to reckon with a bit more talk with his name in it.

So, although Ron Paul has been sidelined to a great extent by the likes of Fox (or Weasel) News, he is still in with a chance.

Ron Paul has three things going for him which nobody can gainsay.

1. He's the most talked about candidate on the internet.
2. He raised more money in one day than any other candidate.
3. He won't make a political promise if it goes against the Constitution.

Let's hope I wake up tomorrow with glad tidings!

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