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Friday, February 29, 2008

Democracy grows via internet!

I came across this site via the British Democracy Forum. It is called Votewise and was started in September of last year, so is around six months old. It was started by Mark Bell and Tony Parsons, both of whom should be congratulated for a brilliant idea. The only "political party" not given ANY publicity on their site is that of the Abstentionists! Those not voting in elections now don't have the excuse to say they don't know who the candidates are or when the election is!

This all goes to show how good the internet can be in disseminating information for the better. Maybe Mark and Tony can offer the concept to less democratic parts of the world?

All candidates in the UK should get on this site as soon as possible. Otherwise, what's the point of standing in the first place? A good example of the three main parties not doing anything is here! Come on, your polling day is on March 13th in Vale of White Horse, Wantage Charlton ward. Why the relunctance?


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