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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Huckabee has a wistful moment!

A lot of people think that Ron Paul should give up, saying his presidential bid is a hopeless cause. That's not the point, a I keep saying. The whole thing this Revolution is about is changing the system of government. Most of the same people think that Mike Huckabee should give up. But Huckabee has a message, just like Paul and McCain, so is entitled to promote it.

Huckabee entertained and campaigned yesterday before 500 admirers in a Rhode Island hotel ballroom as he boosted his never-say-die campaign for the GOP presidential nomination. I like Huckabee's reasoning on his continued campaigning. He says, in a moment of very straight candour, "“In politics the unexpected is the expected. John McCain might have an implosive moment tomorrow. This race is still on.” Now, I doubt if Huckabee is hoping that John McCain falls under the proverbial bus. He is just stating the obvious. McCain might find something comes up to shock him rigid. If it does, it will be interesting to see if the press is in "I told you so" thought mode.

Former British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan once famously described the worst thing that can befall a prime minister (or presidential candidate, I suppose) is "Events, dear boy! Events", by which he meant the same as Huckabee does. The current Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, could hardly have envisaged the Northern Rock fiasco, the missing child benefit CDs, or the Labour Party funding rows engulfing him as events.

Interestingly, the Republican convention is in St.Paul. Huckabee may be hoping for a political conversion by the party on the road to Minneapolis. For me, and very many others, it would be a fantastic moment of history if Ron Paul made good in Saint Paul. I live in hope!


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