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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lone Star hack tries a Lode Star attack on Paul!

Here's another hack who professes cluelessness over Ron Paul's GOP bid. He goes by the prosaic handle of RickG. Rick doesn't know why Dr. Paul entered the race. He thinks he may have a big ego. The whole thing remains a mystery to Rick. Well, Rick the only thing I can think of is you're thick!

Of course, Rick knows why Ron Paul is in the race, just like he knows why the others entered. It's just that he wants to be difficult. "It's a mystery to me, since his “message” is being almost universally ignored at this point anyway," says Rick. Doesn't it occur to this scribe that the reason the message got lost was exactly because the media ignored it.

So Rick turns his gaze to a certain Chris Peden, who is a chippy guy trying to unseat Dr. Paul in his congressional district. Peden has a nice line in saying that Dr. Paul shouldn't run for President whilst being in Congress. Well, that puts paid to the hopes of loads of American politicians. Do you have to be an-ex Senator/Representative to run for another office?

Peden also declares "I support fighting the Global War on Terror", and makes it sound like a virtue. If only he knew. He rubbishes Ron Paul, but I guess he's not that far removed in agreement on smaller government. "I'm a Pro-Family, Pro-Life Christian conservative who believes in free markets, smaller government, and individual responsibility." How does being pro-life stand with mutilated children in Baghdad? How does pro-life sit with Death Row? How does pro-life measure up to the wonders of Saudi justice? There are more such abuses of life in the world, but Peden means on one thing by it.

Mr. Peden should examine his Pro-Life Christianity and see if it squares with the Sermon on the Mount. Blessed are the makers of global war on terror, for they shall see...what, exactly?

It's all Jekyll and Hyde politics. We need an end of it. Mr. Peden needs to go back to the drawing board!


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