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Sunday, February 24, 2008

What Ron Paul's opponent really thinks!

Chis Peden is the "conservative Christian" aiming to unseat Ron Paul in the 14th District in Texas. One wonders if Peden believes all his lines, or whether he's being encouraged by a Republican high command keen to get rid of Dr.Paul.

Peden was asked by a reporter from the Dallas Morning News if he would do any better than Ron Paul in a Democrat dominated Congress. Peden thought a bit, then said, "I have a very attractive wife not because I'm a very attractive guy. I wore her down!". So he is implying that the way to get things done for your district is to wear your opponents down. Boy!

Now I realise this was said mostly in jest (about his wife!), but he sounds a bit like he means it. He portrays himself as everything he thinks Ron Paul isn't - a loyal, mainstream conservative Republican. But what is Peden all about?

According to Bill Quinn, the budget and accounting officer at Texas Chiropractic College, it's all a shady effort to knock Ron Paul off stride in the presidential fight. Could be! Quinn is a Paul supporter - "He's got my vote. He votes his principles". Whatever it is, the media and the Republican establishment have done everything they can to make Ron Paul look awkward and foolish.

What they don't seem to realise is that this doesn't stop in November. It's ongoing!


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