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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Ron Paul's lasting legacy!

Whilst the political commentators were keen to down play Ron Paul's contributions to the GOP presidential campaign, some of his opponents in the race have come out as the ones who could do better, as school reports may say. In how they behaved!

Tom Curry of MSNBC has a fair report on how the campaign went for Dr. Paul. McCain will not get Paul's support as “I don’t consider his positions to be part of the traditional Republican conservative platform.” Many will echo that. Fencemending, honest brokerage and embracing a wider audience may occur to John McCain. He has a conundrum to settle. Does he actually take on the policies of a more conservative nature, thereby possibly alienating Independents who are said to favour him? Or does he stay where he is, risking the support of the more traditional Republicans?

Ron Paul's position is fairly pivotal. He may not feel able to support McCain, but he certainly supports the Republican Party. What happens next is something that could be decisive come November.

Dr. Paul says he cannot go back to the life he had before his presidential bid. “I can’t revert to it. It’ll never be the same again. Life has changed. Off and on for the 30 years, I’ve been in and out of office, I’ve asked the same questions and made the same points and there was no attention paid to it. But the last two times I’ve quizzed Bernanke, I got national coverage, I get phone calls, people from the trading pits in Chicago react to it. They cheer me on. Life will never be the same again. Even if I pretend I’m going to do the same thing, the message is out of the box. It’s out there and that’s exactly a goal we’ve always had: to get people to pay attention to a strictly limited government approach.”

His legacy will be that a whole host of people across the world got interested in the message and that those people have not folded their tents, but are contemplating a bigger canvas to operate under. Put simply, do we have to pay so much of our income to pay for big government? It really is a case of the cart before the horse.

During the campaign, this cropped up. Ron Paul asked John McCain a question on financial matters. McCain's body language shows how much he is niggled by Paul. McCain offers no firm assurance that he has ANY original ideas on economic matters, but will rely on a bevy of mates, aquaintances and pundits. Wow!

In the MSNBC article, Iowa State University student Jacob Bofferding, who worked for the Paul campaign says, “I would consider a career in politics if I even thought it possible for an honest man to break through the Establishment. The way Paul was treated by his own party and the media makes that unlikely. John McCain snickered at Paul on stage at every debate, and Mitt Romney even said in an interview ‘Ron Paul deserves to be laughed at.’"

That interview is here. Romney sounds like just an ordinary guy who's phoned in, not as a presidential hopeful!

In the MSNBC tape you can see a bit of the McCain snicker in the video. As for Mitt Romney, well, it's pot calling the kettle black. Wasn't he complaining about people saying nasty things about him being a Mormon?

Mitt Romney, do you deserve to be laughed at? On that interview, well..........


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