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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

BBC gets its vicars in a twist!

I knew the BBC had long left the realms of those who knew about church life. To the average BBC reporter a cleric is a vicar - regardless! Unless of course he's a bishop or has been disclosed as a Roman Catholic, in which case he's a priest.

According to the BBC a "Vicar's anger over road tax rise" is reported as "A vicar has hit out at plans to raise car tax ....." and goes on to describe Rev. Peter Cook as the "vicar at the Hanham Baptist Church in Bristol". Umm!

In another story the BBC tells us of a couple who had their marriage blessed on a wing of a plane by a dare-devil vicar. He was in fact the Reverend George Brigham, of Wrose Methodist Church, Shipley. The Anglican clergyman who conducted the proper marriage on terra firma was in actual fact a rector of his church.

I know I'm being a tad pedantic, but the serious point here is that it all goes to show that a secular press reports in a secular way about things they have little knowledge about. In that, times have indeed changed.


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