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Saturday, January 22, 2011

BBC institutionally Left-wing or just plain biased?

Daniel Hannan, in his Telegraph blog, suggests that the BBC is not impartial but that it should be. He asks the question "How is this impartiality to be secured?" and answers by sayng," By the best possible method: the new chairman will be subject to a confirmation hearing by MPs. Instead of being, as in the past, a government placeman, the successful candidate will have to satisfy MPs of all factions – for no party has an absolute majority on the Select Committee – that he will be disinterested."

The BBC is rather peculiar, has irrational tendencies at times and moves through life with some very odd views in tow. I think they are completely and utterly incomprehensible regarding the Ordinariate. It would never suit their purpose to have on Thought for the Day anyone from it. I've never heard anyone from Forward in Faith given airtime, other than to be pilloried for antiquated views, but they've got half a dozen female clerics on hand as if everyone accepts this as the norm. The country may well do. Many have no clue or interest in matters of faith. But why should some be excluded? Has the BBC made a pact with female clerics?

The same is true about those they cannot abide. The BNP is one such organisation. Instead of simply saying that Nick Griffin was able to appear on Question Time in a similar way to Respect or the Green Party due to advancement in electoral support, a whole rigmarole of committee talk is put in place with the eventual programme being a bad joke.

It's as though only certain opinion is permitted, anything else is strictly monitored and given short shrift. We may not agree with some views. That's OK, but a fair hearing is what the BBC should offer, without appearing to be some kind of Stasi-light filtering service. When it came to Griffin's appearance on Question Time all we got was Dimbleby acting like some kind of second rate schoolmaster bating an errant boy.

Peter Sissons has a piece in the Daily Mail claiming standards have fallen at the BBC and accusing producers of being too mired in political correctness to do anything about it. I wish they could see how they are seen by others. Maybe they don't have any mirrors in the corporation?

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1199104/Peter-Sissons-BBC-standards-falling--bosses-scared-it.html#ixzz1BmnPRd65


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