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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tony Blair sat on the wall - Tony Blair had a great fall?

The one thing Tony Blair will never have is a great fall. He may have a slow slide into ignomy, but his unbelievable "well, look, right, yeah!" talent gets him out of any spot of bother. Honed to perfection whilst at Fettes, where he practiced his arts on housemasters and fellow pupils alike, it has taken him through life as the master of spin and political double entendre. No puns are ever intended. Just double meanings that the listener conveniently hears in single measure.

John Chilcot got a few "rights" from Blair yesterday at the Iraq Inquiry. I think the panel deserve a medal just for sitting it out. None of this will change a thing. Blair is convinced he is correct in his thinking. He now is quite at ease saying it was all about regime change. Getting the unvarnished truth out of him is like trying to get ferrets out of a sack without being bitten. Virtually impossible. That's probably why Chilcot has such a weary look about him at the end of sessions.

I saw some of it, but after a while I lost interest. I don't think I'm alone. Adam Boulton wasn't heaving his shoulders so much on Sky News. Always a sign that somebody is yesterday's man. Blair was that man yesterday.


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