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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Earl of Onslow is ill

Quentin Letts has a good turn of phrase usually. Spot on with is observations. I didn't know that the Earl of Onslow was very ill. He is a doughty fighter for causes, an exemplary example of a hereditary peer and a very good antidote to the type of nonentities that Nick Clegg is so very keen on replacing him with. I do hope the Earl of Onslow gets better soon.

This is what I spotted in Letts' column today in the Daily Mail.

Quietly, the Church of England has gone electronic. It has been running an internet prayer wall during Lent (sayoneforme.org) and hundreds of supplications show us a vulnerable side of humanity not often reported. If you have any prayers to spare, please say one not for me. Say it for one of our great parliamentary characters, the Earl of Onslow. He is desperately ill, but has continued with his duties and only the other day attended a committee meeting in his wheelchair.

Duty isn't much commended these days. It's more greasy poles and expansive expenses.

Update: 17/05/11 http://ardenforester.blogspot.com/2011/05/earl-of-onslow-dies-aged-73.html


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