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Friday, May 13, 2011

Ron Paul is joining 2012 presidential race

Ron Paul to run in 2012
So Ron Paul has announced he is running for president. Good news. He told ABC's Good Morning America of his plans. I'd have commented earlier on this but Blogger went into the blogosphere and I've just found out it's back on earth.

The list for the Republican nomination is quite crowded with previous runners also entered, such as Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee. Although, I understand Huckabee's got a day job now that may be more lucrative than anything he's previously had. And to make matters worse, most Americans don't recognise them or even remember their names. I would have thought at least Donald Trump was a household name, but he gets less than half the voters picking him out. With that hair as well! Surely he's memorable for something? Sarah Palin doesn't do much better. It seems Americans need these people constantly in front of them, a bit like McDonald's advertising hamburgers.

It's a sorry state of affairs. But then I watch Jerry Springer, Judge Judy etc and some of the people on there are in need of remedial therapy. And they are voters too. If I think along these lines too much it might make me think democracy is a scary thing. Springer had a show with feuding hillbillies on. Then he's had fat slobs, African Americans with unique names (Chantalaya, Chantaleeza, etc), grandmothers dating teenagers (maybe twentysomethings) and each one of these is empowered to give the go ahead or not to one of these GOP hopefuls or their Democratic opponent President Obama.

It's early days. Those in the 1% recognition zone should not give up hope. I see Ron Paul isn't even getting a mention yet. Today's showing might have done something, but how many ABC viewers will claim they don't him tomorrow? I hope not many, but then I'm a bit of an optimist in this regard.


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