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Friday, May 20, 2011

Sir Fred Goodwin is not a banker or an adulterer

The finger of suspicion
So now we know. Previously Sir Fred Goodwin went to great lengths to try to convince us he was no longer a banker. Some feel he never was one. Now he has tried to convince the world he was not an adulterer or more accurately to stop us knowing he is an adulterer. The super injunction world is collapsing fast. I don't really care what Sir Fred gets up to in his private life. It's when it drifts into his public life. However, it would have been more gracious and courageous if he had admitted his wrongdoing and let the dust settle gracefully.

All he has done now is to confirm in the minds of the British public that the world of banking with his ilk in charge was a generally nasty, corrupt and self-serving industry. Banking has gradually lost its soul over the years. It is now more a heartless, avaricious industry rather than a caring, informative and constructive one.

Lord Stoneham has done us all a favour by revealing this nonsense of secrecy. It is in the public interest if those at the centre of a failing bank, one that would have been forcibly folded if the taxpayer had not coughed up blood to support it, are involved in personal relationships that may compromise corporate governance.


If people are not allowed to know the truth they will make up their own truths - which will be far more interesting...but unfortunately innocent people may well be defamed.

I've certainly been having fun re-posting all the rumours.

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