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Sunday, June 05, 2011

Jai MacDowall is a worthy winner of BGT

The final of Britain's Got Talent was a good show. All the acts performed well, or well enough. In the end it was Jai MacDowall who won. The press are saying it was a shock result. Can't think why, unless they fell for the fixed show thing. Apparently the police think it was all a stunt to boost ratings.

I do hope that come next year all this slimey backstage stuff will have stopped. Each year we are told that applicants queue up at the stage door for auditions. That they come on a voluntary basis having filled out forms. So what are these so-called scouts doing? Some of them are scurrying about the countryside like double glazing salesmen. It's not exactly what the show keeps telling us.

And why these handcuff arrangements? The poor girl who cried, Jessica Hobson, was dumped from the ITV2 show because she blurted out that the song choice was not hers. Is this a talent contest or a Stasi type pantomime? It should not be right for amateur contestants to be gagged and brainwashed so they just parrot out staged words.

It's a good show, but Simon Cowell's paronoia of failure is a real downer on the proceedings. That said, Jai MacDowall was a worthy winner indeed.


good to see talent winning! never voted before but had to call for this guy couldnt let him slip by picked him as my winner the minute he started singing on his first audition, nice scots dont sell newspapers, cute little boy singers do! there's the shock.

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