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Friday, November 30, 2012

Middlesbrough by-election returns Labour as usual

The Middlesbrough vote came as no surprise. Labour was bound to win. However, as Yorkshire people had two by-elections to consider, it is interesting that the industrial north is not the same as the industrial south in voting habits. In fact, no seat in Yorkshire appears similar to any other. Whilst Rotherham provided the makings of a rush away from the main parties, Middlesbrough stuck by them more.

The only force it would appear that is capable of unifying the county is Yorkshire County Cricket Club, as the politicians have done their best to fragment it rather like a badly formed set of computer files. Come the general election it will be very interesting to see how the minor parties (now getting a bit more major) fare in Yorkshire. As the saying goes "there's nowt so queer as folk!" and this might prove very apt on election night 2015.

Middlesbrough result

Andrew McDonald (Labour)                    10,201   60.48%
Richard Elvin (UKIP)                                1,990    11.80%
George Selmer (Lib Dem)                         1,672      9.91%
Ben Houchen (Conservative)                    1,063       6.30%
Imdad Hussain (Peace Party)                    1,060       6.28%
Peter Foreman (BNP)                                  328        1.94%
Malcolm Paul (Trade Unionist
             and Socialist Coalition)                  277         1.64%
Mark Heslehurst (Ind)                                 275         1.63%

Labour Majority 8,211

The electorate was 65,095 and 16,924 ballot papers were issued resulting in a turnout of 26.00%

The Conservative candidate could have come fifth behind the Peace Party candidate. Pecking order is vital for face-saving. The number voting yesterday for one of the three main parties was 12,936 and for other parties it was 3,930, which is 23.30% of the total vote.


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