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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Tony Blair is the real superbug of the EU virus

Tony Blair hoping to take the European crown
Tony Blair is hovering around Europe giving his bot mots to anyone who will listen. Most of his life he has either spent ingratiating himself with someone or other, or he has taken his well-yeah-but style of argument to his opponents. Those opponents have been from across the political spectrum. Now he is trying to propose that the European Union has positive things to offer. If it does, they will be crippled or crushed by the negative things currently going on.

Blair is a tunnel-vision crusader. He's like a dog on the scent of something or with a bone to chew. So for him it is the European Union as is or lump it. Well, most of us don't take to his waffle. Firstly, the European Commission prefers to have unaudited accounts - 18 years on the trot - for whatever reason. No doubt to hide fiddling. Secondly, Barroso and the elite are fixated on saving the Euro regardless of the consequences for the citizens of Europe. Thirdly, nation states are getting strangled by the bureaucracy and diktats from Brussels, all done in the name of solidarity. Fourthly, national referendums are ignored and abused so that the will of the Commission prevails. There are loads of other things that could be added to the list.

I am not in favour of pretectionism or glorious insular isolation for Britain. Far from it. We are a European country and we will remain so. But that does NOT mean being shackled within an increasingly undemocratic and autocratic union. As Nigel Farage says, most Europeans now want a Europe of nation states, co-operating and trading and exchanging cultural, business and leisure activities. No to a drawbridge mentality as well as no to a centralising undemocratic bureaucracy.

Tony Blair, in his talk at Chatham House, likened euroscepticism to a virus. He is entitled to his opinions. However, when it comes to democracy Blair has often acted like a superbug trying to get his own way.


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