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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Mr.Nice and Mr.Nasty

- Mr. Pelling on a fishing expedition!

Not long ago the Conservative Party was trying to say it was no longer the nasty party. David Cameron has been at pains to show that he is a nice guy. Mr.Nice of politics. I never thought the Conservative Party was nasty, just that there were some nasty people in it. I quite like Boris Johnson as the clever eccentric MP, I think Anne Widdecombe is an excellent example of the good eccentric too! David Willetts is a good thinker of policy. There are plenty of good Conservative MPs, just as there are Labour and LibDems. However, the latter don't get so many brownie points in my opinion.
But there are some complete morons with political ineptitude. Croydon Central's Conservative MP, Andrew Pelling, is one such moron. In fact, he seems to be able to be quite nasty. He wrote a diatribe to two of his constituents who dared to ask him if he might sign an Early Day Motion (parliamentary petition) objecting to Israel developing closer trade ties with the EU. He ended up by saying, "It will be a pleasure to have you both not voting for me - why don't you go and vote for the BNP?"
When asked why he got so testy, he said, "Often, MPs obfuscate when corresponding with the public. I prefer to be straightforward. If constituents want to dish it out, they ought to be able to take it when it is dished back." How nice! So the grinning man in the picture above is only a publicity seeker. Constituents watch out. He might come after you with that net!
Now why on earth should he take against a couple like this. Is anyone who queries the state of Israel in any way, shape or form, deemed to be BNP material? If so, then a sizeable section of the House of Commons should form a BNP parliamentary party immediately! Might find we get a BNP government overnight. Shudder the thought!
Mr. Pelling! How about laying off the acid drops and sticking to candy floss for a week or two?


At first glance Andrew Pelling's comments do indeed suggest that he was being rude rather than straightforward. There is certainly no call for such a tone.

But I would rather see the full text of the letters from the Littons before passing judgment on him. We only have part of the story and do not know what they said in their communications to Pelling to spark such a response.

I agree there are always two sides to a story, but part of what I was suggesting is that it seems a bit silly to reply so rudely when a polite rebuttal of their opinions would have proved just as effective.

Now Mr.Pelling has shown that his electorate may get the rough edge of his tongue if they cross him on certain issues!

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