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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Great Stuff, Boris!

Boris Johnson told it as it is. Gordon Brown's holed up in a back room at No.10, no doubt with Ed Balls whispering into his ear like some demented servant, and his thoughts are on whether he could be the prime minister with shortest period in office or riding in triumph to Buckingham Palace. At the moment there is a sort of febrile dithering, if such a condition exists.

Johnson told the Conservative Party conference that Gordon Brown would be accused of being a “quivering jelly of indecision” over the timing of the next General Election. “If he fails to call it now then what will we say? We will say he’s wimped out, we will say he’s a big girl’s blouse. He’s sat so long on the fence that the iron has entered his soul.”

Great stuff! Let's see what happens next.


I really enjoy reading your blog - I have the opposite views around politics that you do but I always like to see what others consider important.

I can't quite agree with you about Boris Johnson's performance - it was a great speech but didn't have much by way of content. People are reasonably content with Ken Livingstone as mayor and Boris should have used to the opportunity to really discuss broader Tory ideas if he wants to be taken seriously as a candiate.

Thank you for your kind comments, Rick. Actually, I agree with your sentiments. Ken Livingstone should never be underestimated! Tony Blair's big mistake. We will have to see how Boris does in the contest.

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