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Friday, November 02, 2007

Christmas should be 'downgraded' says Labour think tank

The Institute for Public Policy Research is a New Labour outfit full of churlish republicans and rather un-British types. Their latest 'investigation' has come up with the idea that Christmas should be downgraded and other festivals given more prominence. By other festivals, they mean non-Christian.

These people never seem to get it, do they? Whether this country has everyone on their knees on a Sunday morning or only a handful, it is still the overwhelming desire that such celebrations as Christmas be kept. Those without a faith, those with a bit, those with a lot, enjoy the central message of Christmas.

The IPPR also wants to end to "sectarian" religious education and throw the Bishops out of the House of Lords. A really repressive secular state is no doubt envisaged with clerics being watched and spied upon lest some counter-culture activity is allowed to occur.

There are some in New Labour who have a wretched controlling gene mixed up in their DNA. I can't believe it's inherited, so they must have obtained it recently, maybe in some initiation ceremony for control freaks. Eek! I'm fantasising too much!


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