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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Daily Referendum: Mark France - Sacked for exercising his democratic rights.

POSTAL PICK - This is a very poor show. Steve has done us a favour highlighting such petty bureaucratic behaviour.

Daily Referendum: Mark France - Sacked for exercising his democratic rights.


Boy have you got this wrong - he was sacked for breaking his contract - remember 'contract law' I sign and damn well keep it - if I want to exercise my democratic rights to mouth off I don't sign the damn thing.

All civil servants whatever their job sign the contract - you were over the moon when McBride went - he was supposed to be 'unbiased' 'impartial' and all that - and so was this oik.

Well, well, I hope nobody sacks you Junius. Talking of mouthing off, it would be interesting to know if it was all spelt out to this young lad. Perhaps the BBC could illuminate us all by enquiring. You are a tad harsh. There are loads of civil servants speaking their minds and plenty go on TV. Anyway, it doesn't make the DWP look that great from a publicity point of view. I'd say they were better placed giving him a reprimand.

All Civil Servants have to abide by the Civil Service Code:
Section 13 and 14 apply here. Civil Servants speaking to the media will be doing so as part of their duties as TU reps or as authorised by their line managers. I never found the Code or its predecessors restrictive.

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